building restoration


Do you  already have a steel building that needs a little TLC. Steel Building  Systems Co. also deals in restoration of existing steel structures to  help improve the function or appearance of the building. Over the years,  buildings can get damaged from daily logistics, weather, or unforeseen  accidents. We can help you by replacing the damaged areas to make the  building look like new again. We also have the capabilities to order  components for smaller areas as well.

In  the pictures to the right, you can see one of these projects. This  shipping company had an older building that was had been through some  wear and tear from semi-trailers. We were able to match the panels of  the original building to give the shape a more presentable look. In some  of the pictures you can view the old damaged panels (brown color) next  to the newer ones (galvalume color). The building has since been painted  a white color, as seen in the photos to your right.