Recreational Buildings

 Recreational buildings provide people the opportunity bring many outdoor sports and activities inside. We have had the opportunity to help our clients build their dreams, which include: indoor ice rinks, bowling alleys, indoor soccer/lacrosse fields, and fitness centers. These buildings help people enjoy their favorite hobbies while staying healthy at the same time.

Many of these buildings are established on a very large scale because they need to incorporate many different playing fields or surfaces. Click here to see the progression of construction project of one of these facilities.  

Browse the pictures to see some of the different projects that we have helped build. If you are interested in setting up a recreational facility of your own, let us know about it. 

Players Indoor Sports Center 

(Naperville, IL)

Players Indoor Sports Center (Naperville, IL)

Building Progression Video - Players

Check out this video showing the building process of Players Indoor Sports Complex in Naperville, Illinois.