Custom building projects

New Lenox Highway Dept.

New Lenox Highway Department (New Lenox, IL)

 SBSC has the capability to customize pre-cast buildings to fit our clients’ needs. The New Lenox Highway Department purchased a pre-cast building, but wanted a more economical option for the roof. SBSC ended up adding rafters, purlins, and a standing seam roof to the building to give the structure a more permanent roof system that will save money in the long run. Browse through the pictures to view this process of enhancing this pre-cast structure. 

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West Suburban Bank

 One of the greatest things about constructing a metal building is that not only do you get the durability in the strength of the structure, but you can also customize the exterior. West Suburban Bank in Naperville Illinois illustrates this philosophy with their beautiful finished product. Once SBSC was completed with the structure, the aesthetic of the building exterior was enhanced with masonry work, lighting, and landscaping. View the video below to see the transformation of this building from a steel structure to a commercial property.

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AZZ Galvanizing Plant

AZZ Galvanizing Plant (Joliet, IL)

 SBSC has recently finished completing a custom building for the AZZ Galvanizing plant in Joliet Illinois. The building itself is one-of a kind, and a first for SBSC. Due to the highly corrosive nature of the galvanizing process, the framing and sheeting were constructed of FRP (fiberglass). This makes the structure of the building safe from the effects of the galvanizing process that the plant completes. By constructing the building of FRP materials, it is sure to make the building safe daily work and durable over time. Check out the video below for the progression of completing this amazing building. 

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Anderson's I-55 Towing

Anderson's I-55 Towing and Auto Salvage (Channahon, IL)

 Why build a roof over a roof? Or what about building it over 2 roofs? Well, I-55 Towing Company in Channahon Illinois wanted just that type of custom structure. With the business expanding they realized that they had 2 separate buildings in use and some open space in between them. In order for them to utilize this space, without having the tear down and rebuild, SBSC was able to construct one large roof over the 2 existing buildings. By doing this, I-55 Towing was able to make use of the wasted space between the buildings, and it also eliminated the need for valley gutters as well. View the slideshow of how this custom job comes together as a finished product. 

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